silver effects pro for chicago

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Photo Contest - Photo contests are great for a number for reasons – they’re relatively easy to enter (anyone with Instagram and a few spare seconds can submit), and they also provide sponsors with a great form of user-generated content that can be reused and implemented elsewhere. INSTAGRAM HASHTAG CAMPAIGN #DJP - PROMO ENDS ?? ~ THE LAST PHOTO POSTED BY MIDNIGHT ON TBD WINS A ____

Facebook Share Contest - easy peasy lemon squeezey, simply share the following facebook post and you are automatically entered to win ______ a one-on-one video critique session with Doug (join me)

Caption Contest - if a picture tells a 1000 words, the best caption wins FREE print by Paper & Ink, link to this photo:

Photo with Doug Contest - post of pic of you & Doug on a workshop, tag #DJP - best photo wins (contest ends 9/30)

Quiz or Trivia contest -

Grand Prize Giveaway - 1 FREE WORKSHOP to our first 50 Alumni (to redeem you will need to have one workshop completed)

Take the Survey - win a ____

Alumni Rewards - build your own tuition credit towards a free workshop, earn points per workshop, apply points towards future travel or book 2 workshops in a calendar year and save $ on second workshop that year.

Trivia Contest (photo trivia) - 24 hours

A winner will be randomly selected on Sunday, Month, Day

Game or Puzzle Contest

Top Ten Giveaway! The first 10 alumni to sign up for a 2020 workshop receive a big welcome hug from Doug… and NEW CAR!

Prizes: gift certificates to your business, a package of your best-selling products, cold, hard cash

Sign up for Chile 2020 by September 30th and receive a FREE DK Eyewitness guidebook.

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